Advice for future kitesurfers

Advice for future kitesurfers

Kitesurfing advice for beginners and future kitesurfers

If you are thinking about learning to kitesurf you are in the right place. It is a complex sport and it needs adequate material. You have to be skilled and know how to handle something you are not used to: the water. Nowadays the systems are very secure and kitesurfing, if practiced with the right knowledge, is not dangerous. Below is some kitesurfing advice for beginners from our licensed instructors Toni and Alex, so that you can learn and start kitesurfing without any risks:

Learn with professionals

Learning how to kitesurf on your own doesn’t make sense. We could even say it is impossible. We recommend that you take a kitesurfing lesson with a certified instructor or kite school, who can show you how to use the equipment in the right way, how to stand up on the board, how to launch your kite and how to behave on the water.
To become an independent Kitesurfer you will need around 4 kite lessons. In our kite school in Tarifa you will spend your first lesson on the beach, learning how to pilot the kite, the second lesson in the water, learning how to bodydrag and finally in the third kite lesson you will start to stand up on your board.

Be consistent 

Beginners should practice kitesurf regularly once they start. At the beginning it’s easy to forget the technique, if you just practice once in a while. As soon as you have a certain level it won’t be a problem any more: even though you will lose some technique, you won’t forget what you’ve learned.

Rental kitesurfing equipment

If you are on your first steps in kiteboarding, we advise you to rent all the kite equipment. As kitesurfing equipment is quite expensive, you can buy your own equipment once you are sure that you like this sport and will go on practicing it. Anyway… we have no doubts that you will become kitesurf addicted!

Choose the kite right spot

It’s very important to choose the right spot for kitesurfing. Are there strong winds? Is it allowed to practice kitesurf? Is the area crowded? Are there any currents or rocks? Check the safety conditions of the spot before you start practicing, in order to avoid putting yourself and other people in danger.

It happened! You became addicted to kitesurf… Which kite material should you buy?

We are happy that you enjoyed kitesurfing and you’re now ready to go one step further. You are now ready to buy your own equipment. There are different types of equipment, from beginner to professional. It is recommendable to start with equipment, which suits your level. Flexible and light boards are a good option for beginners. To improve fast you should choose a kite, which is easy to relaunch.

Another option is to buy second hand equipment, however you should be very cautious. You shouldn’t buy equipment, which is older than two or three years. You should also take an expert with you, who can check the equipment and tell you if it’s in a good shape and if it respects the security standards.

Tips on how to choose your first kitesurfing kite

Tips on how to choose your twintip kiteboard

Very important: Never go kiting alone!

For safety reasons we recommend that you always go kiting with someone else, as the sea can give you lots of surprises. Apart from that it is funnier to kite with a friend, you will be more motivated and learn more. It’s also important to kite in areas where people can see you all the time, in case something happens to you.

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