Dakhla Camp 2017

Join us in Dakhla for our Alex Pastor Camp
27 April, 2017
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Dakhla Camp 2017

Been There Done That

Dahkla, the heavenly lagoon within Sahara Desert is a kitesurfer’s dream.

In Dakhla there were quite a few spots that we could go.

Dakhla Lagoon
Dakhla Lagoon is where the Dakhla Spirit is located. You can kite in low and high tide with side off winds.

Speed Spot
It works with low tide. This kite spot has the flattest water surface that you can ever see.

White Dune
Works with high tide. It is amazing for going downwind. White Dune takes its name from its purely white sands. Shaped like a croissant, this absolutely stunning kite spot is at the south of speed spot. Without civilisation all you can see is endless desert and water.

Oyster Farm
From the lagoon you can go downwind to the Oyster Farm and enjoy fresh out of ocean French Oysters

Drinking the soothing mint tea between kite sessions and eating couscous, tagine, seafood for dinner and lunch, Dakhla had a lot to offer us.

Feel like chilling ?
A Moroccan type of Turkish spa Hammam is offered in Dahkla Spirit which will cleanse your body fully and make you let go all your stress. At the beaches also there are facilities that we could just chillax and enjoy the hauntingly beautiful nature

And nights?
Bonfire! We socialised around bonfire at the camp, played beerpong and many more!

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